Sunday, October 17, 2010

VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!!! :)

Okay, so this weekend we went to Delta Junction, Alaska to play 10 different teams. It was Varsity but three freshmen got to go. One being me and the other two being Anna and Cassi. So we got 2nd place!!! It was INSANE!!! i was so happy. And i got to play too!!! :) but anyways, yeah. It was a FUN trip!!! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 So this weekend is volleyball games. How excited I am! I love being in the middle of a game. but even more then that I love hearing the crowd cheering and the girls yelling at us on the bench. "GO MAKAYLA!!! GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!" And I LOVE!!! Love Love Love when we win and were in that millisecond of silence before we all start screaming and jumping up and down and high fiving everyone! Great stuff! :)
I miss my little cousins sooo much tho! :) That would be my shout out to my Aunt Becky and Uncle Jared and Famous Cousins Amelia Louise and Hallie Kingston, along with Hallie-kins' mommy and daddy, Uncle Jake and Aunt Leslie! :) Love You guys!!! :) Hope you're feeling better guys! :)