Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 So this weekend is volleyball games. How excited I am! I love being in the middle of a game. but even more then that I love hearing the crowd cheering and the girls yelling at us on the bench. "GO MAKAYLA!!! GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!" And I LOVE!!! Love Love Love when we win and were in that millisecond of silence before we all start screaming and jumping up and down and high fiving everyone! Great stuff! :)
I miss my little cousins sooo much tho! :) That would be my shout out to my Aunt Becky and Uncle Jared and Famous Cousins Amelia Louise and Hallie Kingston, along with Hallie-kins' mommy and daddy, Uncle Jake and Aunt Leslie! :) Love You guys!!! :) Hope you're feeling better guys! :)

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