Sunday, March 27, 2011

Us Forever

I know he's doing this to protect me,
To protect US,
But I don't know if I can do this,
Day after day of wondering if he's alright,
Wondering if he's mad or just being careful,
I know he's doing this because he loves me,
But I still need reassurance that he isn't going to forget me for another girl,
Or leave me on the roadside in the middle of nowhere,
I know he won't,
But I still can't help wondering,
Does he regret ever meeting me?
Ever building on our relationship?
Ever spending long nights up on the phone singing me to sleep with his sweet voice and those love lullabies?
Ever holding my hand or rubbing my back as we lay together under the stars by the ocean?
Driving with the sun on our faces listening to Nicki Minaj?
Or does he just really love me so much that it's all he can think of to save what we have together...
It sucks being apart, yes,
But he's worth it. ;) <3

*I saw a picture on photobucket and thought this up.*


I write about situations I think of in my head, most of the time. So if you know me, don't think I'm talking about someone you know. If you end up being a real person that I'm talking about, You'll know when you read, because I'll use key words.

The Promise

The promise a man makes that he will never get up and leave you out of nowhere means more then they realize.
When they say those words, "I Pormise...",
You smile and remember why you love him so much.
Why you call him your baby,
Why you risk all you have,
Why he's worth it,
Why you miss him before you even part,
And why his kisses sooth your restless soul like nothing else.
The promises a man makes to yo are an ingredient in the glue that holds you together.
The love a man shows you just proves that his promises will be kept.
<3 :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just yesterday I was telling you all my greatest hopes and dreams,
But today, you are nothing to me anymore,
No longer a friend I can tell all my secrets to,
You're crap to me,
You're dead to me,
I hate you, but I hurt because of the betrayal I feel.


Is when you have eachother's backs on anything and everything.
When you can spill your heart out to them and they'll listen.
When you know you can trust them no matter what.
When they can make you smile even when it's the worst part of your life.
Or when they tell you what's up when you're screwing up.
When you can cry on their shoulder for hours and they won't care.
Or when you're sick and they hold your hair while you puke into the toilet bowl.

The Irony Of Life Is That The Moment You Are Born, You Are Destined To Die.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Interpretation Of My Poem, The Forest

I wrote this poem because The Forest refers to something important to me.
It's an important symbol in my life and dreams lately.

The Forest itself- I'm running through it, trying to save him.
The Fog- I'm not exactly sure.
Talking to me or calling for me- When I try to talk and he won't listen or he won't talk about it or he answer me.
Holding Me Still and Tieing Me Down- Things holding me back, jealousy or pain maybe, or things in between us.
Suffocating Me- Pain.
Love Can't Just Vanish- When you told me that in one day, you didn't think you loved me anymore.
That was Bull.

The Forest

I cry and I cry but this fog never seems to lift.
I don't know where I am.
This forest is unknown to me.
I try to break through the forest into a clearing to find you...
But I can't find your promises.
They're lost,
Somewhere deep in the chambers of my locked heart...
Of your locked heart...
This forest is here,
So our love must be, too.
I just need to find some way to unlock the hidden chambers of your heart now.
But how can I when I may have locked away the key myself.
How can I know if you won't talk to me,
Won't call for me...
I can see the moon...
The stars in the sky,
But the fog is still around me,
It's blocking my vision,
So I call out to you,
But you don't answer me back...
I feel lost...
And I can't complete my journey to you if this haze is holding me still
and tieing me down,
Holding my head under the water,
Suffocating me,
I can't breath...
But will you run to save me,
Like all the times before?
Love can't vanish like I hope for the fog...
You can't vanish...