Sunday, March 27, 2011

Us Forever

I know he's doing this to protect me,
To protect US,
But I don't know if I can do this,
Day after day of wondering if he's alright,
Wondering if he's mad or just being careful,
I know he's doing this because he loves me,
But I still need reassurance that he isn't going to forget me for another girl,
Or leave me on the roadside in the middle of nowhere,
I know he won't,
But I still can't help wondering,
Does he regret ever meeting me?
Ever building on our relationship?
Ever spending long nights up on the phone singing me to sleep with his sweet voice and those love lullabies?
Ever holding my hand or rubbing my back as we lay together under the stars by the ocean?
Driving with the sun on our faces listening to Nicki Minaj?
Or does he just really love me so much that it's all he can think of to save what we have together...
It sucks being apart, yes,
But he's worth it. ;) <3

*I saw a picture on photobucket and thought this up.*

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