Monday, November 15, 2010

I LOVE YOU.........

My heart is beating,
but its fading now.
In the land of my dreams,
I hear it.
When i hear your name it gets faster.
When i think of you.
The one i love.
When you say you love me,
I get butterflies.
When you tell me not to cry,
not to say those things,
tears spill down my cheeks.
But you tell me you're leaving.
I beg for you to stay.
For you to love me and not her.
I know im not her.
But im related to her.
Isn't that enough?
I ask if you ever really loved me,
if you ever meant it
when you said i love you babe,
and held me in your arms.
You say you meant everything.
Every word.
But you couldnt decide now.
Even tho she doesnt want you back,
you still want her.
But i want you more.
'I love you' I say every night as i go to sleep.
'Night' you say back.
But my heartbeat is fading.
I'm fading.
But what ever happened to,
I don't know,
But i'm with you.
Isn't that what matters
And that I love you.

1 comment:

  1. niiiiiice. -hugs- it will be alright! stay beautiful!!!!!!