Tuesday, November 16, 2010


She had duped me!
I was fooled,
I had been fooled from the beginning.
I had trusted her,
And she had played me.
With her flirtatious smile
And her ice cold eyes.
I know I should have never told her anything.
But I had,
And she had used it against me.
For what reasons,
I’m still not sure.
But he loves her and not me.
But I love him and she doesn’t.
So why am I the only one that doesn’t get what I want?
Why did he make me fall when he caught me at first, but then let go later on?
Don’t make someone fall for you unless you’re ready to catch them.


  1. AGGGHH i hate it when people do that. It sucks when the closes person to you takes away someone you love.