Thursday, November 25, 2010


In the distance.
Little Stars that shine bright
So you can see their echo
Through the night.
My love for them,
and the curiosity i have about them,
How they're so beautiful.
It puts a Smile on my face to see the stars.
I always look for the Big Dipper.
How proud it makes me feel to be an Alaskan is...
Just like their Glow.
I always look up and wonder...
What would it be like to touch the moon?
To be able to gaze at their beauty from a closer distance.
To watch a shooting star pass just above you.
To wish upon a star that you can feel the warmth from.
To have the wish from the stars come true.
Think About It... And next time, Smile at the stars. :)


  1. XD I love you makayla!!!
    I think that way towards the stars too. They're so beautiful that it makes me appreciate that we were born in such a creative world!

  2. I know right?! haha and I love u too Shulie!!! hahaha hey have u thought about my picture yet? :)

  3. hey makayla, i read your comment just now. and well, if you died in his place, and you still dream about him. You still care of him. If your heart still hurts, then maybe you still love him. But, you know how things are, you can't really forget someone who you use to cherish. So, my advice, don't try to forget, it's useless. Try to heal instead.

  4. yeah thanks...i totally flipped out at felt good then...but i feel guilty now...and im crying...and he knows that now because i texted him and said "im sorry byes :'("
    I dont know what to do Shulie!
    How am i supposed to even get through the day?!
    Today at church when we were in class, i said what r u doing? and laughed cuz he was doing something and he look at me with that suuuper sexy look and smiled and said having fun. I just blushed and laughed...but what am i supposed to do?! :( idk if he likes me still or not... :'(

  5. uhm, -sigh- well I can see that you are still hurt. It's okay, we all make mistakes and say things that we don't mean. Just make sure that you apologize sincerely. If it's confusing you that much and affecting your life, you have to face your fears in order to set your life in track again. You can't live like this forever. You can ask him if he still loves you, or find someone to do it for you. If he doesn't, move one. There's a lot of guys out there.

  6. If your afraid that your never ganna find a better guy. Then you'll never find the right one.